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Journey – Cauarina Portals

Photo: Trent Baker journey by twilight
Photo: Trent Baker by day
Photo: Trent Baker by day with Rafters
Photo: Trent Baker detail
Image: ADS General Assembly shop drawing
Video: ADS Portals Video Photo: Trent Baker Fabrication
Photo: Trent Baker Packing & Transport

July 2012
Brisbane Domestic Terminal
Mild steel, Stainless steel, Acrylic & LED's
Lang O'Rourke Australia
Brisbane Airport Corporation
Armature Design Support


The portals artwork concept draws on the familiar Australian image of the wispy fronds of the Casuarina tree, one of the dominant tree species on the pre airport site.

By distributing the abstracted graphic around the portals the visitor is given a sense of passing through or under this overhead Casuarina canopy.

The abstracted frond pattern is lasercut into a linished stainless steel surface, each cut-out subsequently sealed from behind with an acrylic diffuser panel. An LED colour mixing system (red /amber) gives a continuously variable colour shift across the pattern such that the colour of any particular section of the Casuarina pattern depends upon where the cut-out sits with respect to the colour mix.

The intensity of glow from the artwork is directly proportional to the surrounding light level such that the subtlety of daytime effect contrasts dramatically with the night time experience.

– Warren Langley

Our Contribution
  • Feasibility assessment & costing
  • Tender documentation & promotion
  • 3D concept rendering
  • Animated flythroughs
  • Research & Development
  • Problem Solving / Refinement
  • 3D CAD Modelling
  • Engineering / Shop Drawing
  • Supplier Quotations
  • Maintenance Manual
  • Fabrication
  • Installation
  • Commission
  • Schedule
  • Budget
  • Risk