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Journey – Rafter Lighting

Photo: Trent Baker Eastern view at twilight Photo: Trent Baker Eastern view at sunset Photo: Trent Baker Western end view Image: ADS CAD Concept Render Photo: Trent Baker Western end view

July 2012
Brisbane Domestic Terminal
Lang O'Rourke Australia
Brisbane Airport Corporation
Armature Design Support


Structural steel rafters spanning this access bridge linking the existing Brisbane Domestic Terminal to the new Carpark and AirTrain, provide the form for this simple yet dramatic lighting effect.

Sculptural in their own right, the universal beams are an architectural element that defines the bridge structure. To further enhance their presence and the bridge experience, a continuous LED is fixed along the lower edge of the U-beam and projects pure blue light upward.

Artist, Warren Langley’s intention is to illuminate each rafter “to enhance the bridge experience by the exaggerated sense of perspective” but also “to create a spill-over glow to activate the PVC roof fabric in the vicinity of each rafter and create an external visual effect by night.”

Our Contribution
  • Feasibility assessment & costing
  • Tender documentation & promotion
  • 3D concept rendering
  • Research & Development
  • Problem Solving / Refinement
  • Prototype / Test
  • Engineering / Shop Drawing
  • Supplier Quotations
  • Schedule
  • Budget