Our ability to deliver exactly what we set out to achieve.
Creative problem solving is our passion.
“Do it right the first time.”

Anything is possible!

While this is true, building codes, relevant authority regulations, structural integrity, manufacturability, longevity, transport, safety, vandalism, installation, maintenance, as well as time, and budget considerations are necessary to inform the essence of the design. At ADS we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver exactly what we set out to achieve. In close consultation with artist, designer, architect or engineer, pre-visual concept renders invariably resemble the final result.

This is the core of our business.

Working at the intersection of technology and design, we innovate clever, original ways to use material or manufacturing process in achieving the creative vision. These are the “aha” moments that motivate and drive us at ADS. This is our passion. We have a great network of collaborators and suppliers that share this passion for collective creative thinking.

The greater the challenge, the greater the opportunity.

Together with accuracy, precision defines our approach to all projects. Thorough attention to detail with clear and concise documentation ensures control over every stage of the design, schedule and budget.

We only specify and use high quality components, materials and contractors for longevity of the work.

Combining technical design and construction with aesthetic sensibility.



In a tender process, the strength of a concept is only as good as the ability to convey it.

From sketches and simple photo manipulation, to fully animated CAD models, ADS breathes life into your ideas. Not only do we make your concept look good, just as importantly we make sure it can be done. While considering physical and regulatory constraints, we undertake preliminary feasibility assessment to improve on production efficiencies, while maintaining or improving the aesthetic.

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  • Feasibility assessment & costing
  • Tender documentation & promotion
  • 3D concept rendering
  • Animated flythroughs


Through researching precedents, brainstorming ideas, and sketching refinements we are able develop the optimum balance of quality, function and aesthetic. You will enjoy the benefit of our intimate understanding of materials and production processes.

We also have in-house workshop facilities for physical test rigs and prototypes, or 3D printing and physical maquettes to test the concept.

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  • Research & Development
  • Problem Solving / Refinement
  • Scale Model Making
  • Prototype / Test


Documentation is the intermediary between idea & product. Using high end engineering CAD software ensures your designs are communicated effectively for production, tolerances are met and the risk of design error is minimised.
Over the years, ADS has established a preferred supplier network across a variety of industries to manage just about any project. If not, we can find them.
The documentation extends to develop the Operation & Maintenance Manual, necessary for many projects.

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  • 3D CAD Modelling
  • Engineering / Shop Drawing
  • Supplier Quotations
  • Maintenance Manual


We have an in-house workshop for light fabrication and assembly or can out-source to a range of suppliers and contractors to perform specialty manufacture.

Holding the relevant licences, ADS can perform the final installation & commission and/or engage specialist contractors as required for the task, including structural engineer certifiers.


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  • Fabrication
  • Installation
  • Commission


Inextricably linked, time and budget are the biggest risks for most projects. The purpose of design project management is to control these deliverables from the outset until final installation by monitoring progress via a work breakdown schedule, including a full budget.

Other risks factors, such as safety, will vary from project to project and are evaluated on an individual basis. Effective management saves everyone time… every time.

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  • Schedule
  • Budget
  • Risk

Trent Baker


As the founding Director of ADS, Trent has over 10 years Industrial Design and Project Management experience in the creative industries including site specific Art, Fine Art, Architecture, Event and Theatre, with a particular focus on permanent Public Art installations involving light.  He founded Armature Design Support in 2011, combining artistic sensibility with technical product design. Trent has collaborated on over 100 commercial projects throughout Australia and South East Asia.


Trent Baker

Todd Sidery

Industrial Designer

Todd’s formative years were spent working as carpenter and builder in high-end residential construction in Sydney. After a decade of delivering many innovative and iconic dwellings, working with architects such as Luigi Rosselli, Todd’s switch to Industrial Design in 2010 was a natural progression. He’s since worked independently with a range of clients on a number of projects such as design consultant and programming assistant for Goodgod Small Club which included set design and construction at the Sydney Opera House for Vivid Sydney, freelance furniture design work for Trent Jansen including the Tidal Range of Tait Furniture and workshop supervisor / assembly and finishing coordinator for DesignByThem.
Now with Armature, Todd’s broad skill set enables him to engage in every step of project delivery from design development, documentation, through to project management.

Todd Sidery